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Posted by Pip

AL27- Just When You Think It's Safe

The Sins need a babysitter. Not 24/7 but if Lust ever turns her back on them, the demonic shade equivalent of the high school teen looking for a few extra bucks per night pops out and makes sure they brush their teeth and stop sticking their tongues in electrical sockets. That would at least help them out of scrapes like this.
And our first real introduction to the Spirit Realm! All the depressing and boring red and grayness of it... No wonder everybody wants to leave.

A new page of DDG went up this weekend as well. Gaze upon it and decry the sorry state of the morals of todayís youth. Then possibly wave a cane at them and tell them to get off your lawn.

Quick Review: Bee Movie- Kids movies are usually pretty different for their different audiences. Bee Movie is fairly good for kids. Itís harmless, colorful and upbeat, quasi-educational, and certainly something parents can at least sit through for the sake of the wee ones. For adults, the character designs are ugly, poorly paced, and it just isnít all that funny. Seinfeld is good at picking apart experiences, making observations, commenting on the minutia of the human experience and other things nobody ever says in real life, but he canít do frantic slapstick or pop culture jokes. There are some genuinely funny parts, but they come few and far between and you can spot plenty of points that are supposed to be funny but fall horribly flat. There are large things that get glossed over and minor things that are beleaguered.