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AL28- Rachel Death Ray

You canít go home again. Much like driving passed your old high school, the pervasive fear or hatred (or both) of reuniting with people you donít like is associated with many Realms it seems. Despite the fact that sheís moved a good distance away since my graduation, I still have to drive by my high school when I drive to my momís house. As soon as I get off the highway and until I cross the bridge, I just kind of zone out and stare forward. No looking at the cars next to me, no looking around at red lights.
And see, Lust doesnít only have cute lady Vices. She has shirtless health nut guys too. Apparently the laws of shame or decency are a far bit more lax in the realm of demons. Is he turned away from the supermarket?

Quick Review: Fantastic Four 2- The original Fantastic Four movie impressed me in much the same way having the flu but avoiding the retching that usually comes with it surprises me. Itís horribly awful, but not quite as excruciating as you expected it to be. No, they saved that for the sequel. Full disclosure, Iíve never been a fan of the FF. As far as superhero teams go, theyíre pretty much the least interesting big name group (Dr. Impossible on the other hand, classic) and the fact that each one is represented by either a terrible actor or lousy performance, the idea of them live-action is more than a little cringe worthy. And Dr. Doom is kind of spiffy, but seeing him as a guy in a costume just kills any menace or evil he may have. All that said, yes the movie is pitiful and should be avoided. The Silver Surfer is pretty lame as a guy in a costume (not that his whole premise is so hot to begin with) and Galactus winds up being the only thing of interest in the movie, weighed against the fact that heís only on screen for maybe three minutes tops. They moved away from the laughable look he originally had but they still pay homage to it at two points, so they get some credit for that. Everything else, bleh.