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AL29-Luckily It Wasn't A Backhand

Commence the childish mocking and sing songing! Envy has a girlfriend! And he gets a big olí slap in the face, but... girlfriend.... At least he can run to her for comfort after the ultimate facepalming at Lustís mighty hand. Nothing says ďHow ya doingĒ like a good slap.
See, I kept good on my word that the big galoot would show up again in all his mighty green glory.

Quick Review: The World Ends With You- While the overall story and villains are interesting and the art is dripping with style and awesomeness, the main characters, plots, and dialogue have all the depth of a WB teen drama. (How dated was that? Is the WB even still around?) Before I get to my plot gripes, the very basics are that while an interesting take on a battle system worthy of a few kudos for trying to be unique, itís completely broken. The system can rarely tell the difference between a short slash for a punch versus a down to up swipe for a ground attack, never mind trying to get it to recognize the move motions. Itís far better to just stand in one place and let the enemies mob you and spam your healing item (every battle you get three changes to refill at least 50% of your energy, so this is by no means a difficult game) than to try to fight with the touch screen to get it to recognize that you want to move away from the giant monster trying to cave your skull in and not that you want to slowly approach it and do a weak attack. This complete failure of the very concept the battle system was built around means youíre probably going to quickly give up even trying to control the second character and just leave her to the AI (which while pretty vapid at least doesnít get her slaughtered too often). If the pointless moping teens werenít bad enough, up until the end of the game every single conversation winds up being roughly the same: exposition, characters butt heads over some bafflingly inane thing, they yell at each other, main character reaffirms himself as a loner that just doesnít need anybody else, lather, rinse, and repeat on almost every single screen of the game. I had high hopes for the music in the game, but instead of the hip hop or electronica I was expecting, itís mainly breathy vocals or soft synth junk (made worse by the fact that for the vast majority of the time, you just canít make out the words that are being sung). Hours and hours are spent listening to the exact same song. It follows you from screen to screen to chapter to chapter. This isnít a complaint about how all the songs sound alike, it literally is the same exact song until you get a few chapters in and can finally visit a music store. For a character that spends the whole game with a giant set of headphones on, switch the bloody track! The final nail in the coffin is that it suffers from the cardinal sin of design laziness: after you go through the all of the levels, you have to do it all over again. That kind of crap was acceptable for Ghosts N Goblins, not a modern RPG though. Thereís just no reason that with the writing is as uninspired as it is and how broken the touch screen mechanics are, that they have the gall to charge you 40 bucks for a freaking DS game.
And if Iím allowed an aside, for somebody that spends all his time whining about what a lone wolf he is, why on earth is the main character in one of the trendiest and busiest/most crowded places in the country? The city heís in is like the Japanese equivalent of an American introvert deciding to spend its weekend at the Mall of America. Doesnít make a lot of sense there.