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AL31- Pundle Him

Aww, look at that. Envy actually does have some redeeming qualities about him! Beneath that big, showy and shameless exterior, thereís a caring, thoughtful and shameless pervert. Kudos to you, good demon.
Envy is also not taking advantage of Devotion. He says in the last panel that heís taking advantage of the treatment he gets as an ex-Sin, but thatís more the accolades and respect. He does genuinely care for our green, fin-eared cutie.

Review: Mario Kart Wii- Much like the review for Brawl, if youíre a diehard fan of the series, youíll probably enjoy picking this up. If youíre not a complete fanboy, you can do better with your money. There are a good number of characters and karts, even though the baby characters are getting really annoying at this point, and extra kudos are in order for Zombie Bowser. We could all use a few more games with zombified childhood classics. The package is somewhat short on tracks, seeing as how half are repeats, and except for Bowserís Castle, the music leaves a lot to be desired. The new drift system is fantastic but the game is still utterly broken by far, far too many cheap losses and the CPU racers spamming overpowered items. Due to the increased number of racers but no rebalancing of the item system, they hit in combos now, so if you get hit once, you can expect to get hit by three or four more items before you can recover. Itís not uncommon to get hit by a POW Block followed by a red shell, lightning, and topped off with the always uber cheap blue shell in a matter of seconds. Almost without fail, youíre hit by at least three POW blocks, lightnings, and blue shells in a single race. My best record is four shells and POWs each in a single race. Once you get to the 150cc class, skill has nothing to do with the game. I went from 1st place to 12th three races in a row due to a combination of blue shells, POW blocks, stars, and mega mushrooms. And what items was I getting in 9th and 11th place? A banana. So while the computer gets Bullet Bills and stars, you get bananas and fake item blocks.
As long as you were a fan of the previous ones, the multiplayer game is as great as always, but thereís little added and actually some taken away from the DS version. Imagine having all the options and settings Brawl had (choosing your music, turning items on and off, adding special settings, etc) and you really get a feel for everything lacking here. There was just so much more they could have added in the way of drivers, customizability, and courses that people really should expect from a console Mario Kart by now. The whole package reeks of a feeling of doing the bare minimum because they know that if it has Mario Kart printed on the box, itís a guaranteed seller. With some real effort and testing and balancing, this could have been one of the best racing games available on any system, but they didnít do the required work and itís a lackluster deal at best.