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Posted by Pip

AL32- Lust Booze But No Rock

Just let that mental image roll around and kind of freak you out for a while. Yeah. What are friends for?
And as Envy said, he’s not gone, he’s just not a member of the main team. He’ll show up from time to time and still have chances to be with his buddies. Buddies he tormented by choosing a purposefully annoying replacement. What an ass. But he’s OUR ass!

Out with April’s oldness and we have some amusing search strings leading to Sins once more, including “snuggling”. Ladies...
But the top one would have to go to “world s smallest desk”. Is it the smallest usable desk or like the smallest possible? Couldn’t you position a few atoms to be raised by other atoms and claim that to be a desk? Truly the questions modern science is ready to answer.
A new month and a new wallpaper begging for your donation of the financial or creative kind. The gang gets in on some Street Fightery action but maintains a wholly legally distinct and in no way infringing on copyright manner about themselves.

This Saturday is Free Comic Day once more, so head on over to a participating shop and mooch like the bum you are! Or buy something too and support their fine establishment for participating.