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AL33- Big Dopefish

She didnít even bother to find out what kind of stories heís been telling! They could have been anything from honest recitations of Sins adventures to Big Fish-esq tale tales of madness that suspiciously seem to always end with a cute girl just begging Envy to stay behind.

Quick Reviews: Interstella 5555- Daft Punk makes good music but once youíve heard ten seconds of a song, youíve basically heard the entire thing. Itís two or three lines repeated end to end cycled for several minutes. The movie itself is, Iím not kidding here, about a guy that kidnaps aliens to turn them into pop stars famous enough to win gold records that he uses to power a machine that will somehow take over the Universe in order to avenge his father that was accidentally killed by a passing alien spaceship. Really? I mean... Ugh. ďHarder, Better, Faster, StrongerĒ is still a good song, but Iíd rather see it set River City Ransom sprites than alien popstars.