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AL35- Punkin

The squiggly butt saves the day and prevents all of us from having to witness the horror that is a soiled demon. I am kind of interested in what it would be though. Pumpkin seeds?
Does it make you feel better knowing that itís not just the Sins that face the changes of new team members? Or did you just not even think about how these acts would affect the poor, loving Virtues as well? So selfish.

The magical comic elves have uploaded another page of DDG, so donít make them sad by not checking it out.

Those of you in the know and/or not summoned through evil magics, make sure you call your mum this weekend.

Quick Review: Meet The Robinsons- What is it with kidsí movies having at least one requisite chase sequence? Theyíre always boring to watch but pretty much every single animated kidsí movie has one. I think theyíre there to provide fodder for a lackluster video game tie in... Anywho, when MTR focuses on the plot and moving the story ahead, itís a surprisingly decent movie. The other 75% of the time, itís the typical boring dreck. The main plot is interesting and grown up and provides a lot of potential with the time travel aspect, but itís dwarfed by the huggy and happy orphan finding the meaning of family thing. Iím fine with kidsí movies having happy endings but does everything have to be wrapped up 100% happy and every consequence from the movie undone and replaced with rainbows and puppies? The one thing I wanted to see wrapped up is what happened to Goob in the recreated future. The Goob you dealt with in the normal future would cease to exist after the past was changed, but you never get to see what happens to the fixed Goob. Itís a movie parents could sit through if forced to watch with the wee ones, but you have better choices available.