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AL36- Crashing In Again

Now, if this was an anime comic, Envy would have at least had the pleasure of blasting off into the distance in a little star. But nay! He has to plop down Wile E Coyote style. Sorry, little guy.
Things were looking so up for Envy at the start of his first mission. The host liked him, he got hugs from Gluttony, and there were so many prospects. But now... Now the reality of Sinship sets in and all the beatings, kickings, and harassment of being disliked and easily puntable are revealed. I donít think Labor is taking it too well either.

Quick Reviews: Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction- Ratchet Future is best summarized by one of the groups of enemies you face: Robotic Skeletal Pirates. Robots, pretty keen. Skeletons, groovy. Pirates, always awesome. Just one would have been fine. Two is great. But to get all three in one is just flat out fantastic. To prevent Ratchet fanboy squeeling for paragraphs on end, they took the great parts of the previous games and tweaked them to just outstanding design and play. Everything from the art to the animation to the downright epic storyline is what an action adventure game should be. Not to say it doesnít have its faults. The camera occasionally gets wonky and your ability to grab onto ledges is pretty hit or miss, both leading to some cheap deaths, but the biggest drags, as with the previous titles, are the ship stages. Theyíre just not fun and the controls arenít so hot, but thankfully there are only three of them, so you can overlook it. The story is just great and adds a lot to the franchise but it ends on a massive cliffhanger with several story points unresolved. Argh!

30 Days of Night- Hope for good horror and monsters, wind up watching uninteresting and annoying people die! Plagued by horrible lead actors and uninteresting designs on the vampires (pale with dark contacts, spooky), there just really isnít much here outside of a one sentence neat idea: Vampires move north because of the prolonged nights closer to the poles. And thatís about the only new or creative idea in the whole movie, with the little kid vampire fight scene as probably one of the stupidest and most laughably bad things Iíve ever seen in a serious horror movie. Another big problem is that vampire gore just gets boring after awhile. There are only so many times for people to have their necks tore open before it just gets really stale. Dracula movies have the right idea with just a few people dying. It keeps up the suspense and makes things more mysterious. The more people that die, the less intriguing it becomes.
And on a griping level with the plot; the vampires would just run out of food too quickly. They killed off almost everybody from the get go, nobody is coming to town for a whole month, and then what once that month is over? It would be a long time before anybody bothered to move to the town where everybody mysteriously died/disappeared. At the very least it would be shutdown as a biohazard site. So theyíd have to move back south to feed and get new victims, thus making the entire move north pointless outside of that one month.