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Posted by Pip

AL37- Trade You A Virtue And A Pack Of Gum

That is one way to win to a fight, I suppose. Depress your rival so much that he just gives up and slinks away. New Envy has proved his worth and defeated by his first Virtue! At the cost of having his head caved in by said Virtue, but you take victories where you can get them.
And personally, Modesty is totally getting the bum end of that deal.

Just a quick heads up, Fridayís comic may be delayed a bit. My body has once again decided that it just really does not care for me, so I have to go for an out patient thing Thursday night. Unless the Universe has truly decided it hates me, Iíll be fine, but the doctor has assured me that itís going to hurt (kinda wish he lied to me there), so I may be in too crappy a mood to post at my usual time. It will go up though!