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AL38- Think Scanners

Updating on time. Woo for me.
All the different secrets of the universe come rushing in and then... pop. And demons get pretty testy about having to clean that sort of thing up. Plus we donít really know if thereís oxygen there. Humans kind of have a thing for oxygen, nitrogen, and trace gases.
And itís bound Anger! Look at his adorable grossness.

For those of you that arenít his regular readers, I did a guest page for Hero in Training awhile ago and it just went up yesterday. It has Zip in it! And taco worms!

Quick Reviews: Heavenly Sword- HS is ďinspiredĒ by God of War in as much as it really tries to go for everything GoW that it can but at times pushes itself to desperately prove that it isnít God of War. Unfortunately, once you strip away the mythological aspect of GoW, itís pretty much just a straight forward beat Ďem up that gets old after a few stages. Borrowing from the new Ninja Gaiden as well, blocking is the vast majority of what the fighting system is about. Enemies will block 99% of all your attacks so you have to rely on blocking theirs and countering but this turns even minor battles into a chore. HS pushes several sniper-like stages on you to break things up, but unfortunately theyíre not fun so they just become a bump in the road to more acrobatic violence.
I adore God of War and although Heavenly Swordís story is very good and the villains are fantastic, as much as it wants to be the next GoW, it falls far short of the mark. Worth a play if you loved Ninja Gaiden but want something a touch more user friendly and with a better story, but for me, the wait for GoW 3 continues.

Broken Flowers- Definite Bill Murray in the Lost in Translation era. Laid back, subtly funny, and itís a slow, slow movie. Weíre talking several minutes of people not moving or looking at each other. Itís not uninteresting; itís just that thereís not really much to the movie. Itís good, Bill Murray is pretty much always awesome, and as long as you can something else while you watch/listen (say, draw a comic or draw some fan art for such a comic), itís worth a rental. You donít really know much about what happened before the movie started and youíll never find out what happens after the movie ends, but the glimpse into the characterís life we get is interesting.