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Posted by Pip

AL40- Un Dignit

Envy totally has some friend points to use for blackmail/call in favors at a later date. How many of your friends would let you swim inside their head? Not many. Unless you have some friends with big, big heads...
Of course, Anger does have to suffer the indignity of being the team wagon now that Desire-Envy has called it quits. The big green guy was probably a lot less quill-y and more comfortable to hang out on though.

Quick Review: The Fountain- While a certainly pretty and well written movie, The Fountain is not an easy one to watch. Any decent description would really spoil the film because itís basically an hour and a half of nothing really happening. That being said, I loved the story, the characters were well realized, and I loved how itís basically three stories being told all at once and they all intertwine and end very well. Hard to recommend it to many people, but if youíre looking for an almost entirely dialogue based movie, itís well worth the watch.