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AL41- Fortune And Lame

Fortune could teach Envy a thing or two about calling back favors. How many centuries has it been, but she still calls back to the fingernail head scratches. Good girl!
Good to know that despite threats of learning, Al stills sides with the winning team. And with stabby fervor. One of the best kinds of fervor. Maybe dance fervor beats it out, but that’s not as entertaining.
Of course all of this does raise the issue of who you go to for help. With Desire-Envy gone, you lose out on the muscle of the group. Content went the smart route and pleaded with the de facto leader, but seeing as how she’s totally mean, do you head to Greed for the years he’s put in or Anger for his various pointy bits? Sloth and Gluttony just seem indifferent and Pride is a total pushover.

Quick Review: Lost Planet (PS3)- I was expecting just another typical FPS, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Lost Planet is actually an action/adventure game, just with a focus on gun play. It’s a solid game with a great setting/ideas, so I’m truly surprised it’s not more popular. My only major gripes are the poor map/radar system leading to many moments where you just have no idea where you have to go (in fact, in the entire game there are two doors you can blow up but the game gives you absolutely no indication that you can do so. I had to look online to find out where to go and both times my route was behind two doors that look the same as everything else but you can destroy them. Lousy game design there) and a camera that can’t handle things that are in tight corners, really big, or up high (and seeing as how the majority of boss fights take place in tight corners against giant creatures...). Definitely worth renting and the only reason it’s not a buy is the ludicrously short length. The online matches looked fun if you’re evenly matched, but just starting out, I was level 1, everybody else was at least level 50 with most in the 70s and a few in the 90s, so I spent more time watching the respawn clock tick down than actually playing.
Just a small non-spoiler aside on the ending, I honestly have no idea why the bad guys are “bad”. They’re actually trying to do something good and after beating them, your team goes ahead and does the same thing they were, just through a different means. If it weren’t for the fact that the “villains” weren’t going to get people off the planet, they’d be the heroes of all humanity. Just a few months of evacuation time would have saved them almost 50 years of war. That just... It just makes no sense.
Sins committed- Bad camera, bad map, short length, story comes apart a bit at the end