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AL43- Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Chastityís bat crap craziness runs deeper than feared! All those times when Iíve indicated that stories are connected and weíd be seeing them again? Well, thereís a big indication for you. Thereís dissension amongst the ranks of the Virtues and some genuine stuff is going down. Stuff worthy of a capital ďSĒ.
Of course that doesnít mean we canít get a good knife throw in every once in a while.

DDG has updated as well, so if all this ďplotĒ business is scaring you, you can seek refuge elsewhere.

Thereís going to be a new addition to the Sins subdomain family very very shortly. It might go up today or tomorrow, but Iíll give him a chance to get things ready, so you just wait in anticipation. Anticipate! Do it now!

Quick Reviews: Folklore- Folklore is hands down one of the most creative, stylish, unique, and beautiful games Iíve played in a long time. The story is fantastic and the designs are fantastical, with everything paced wonderfully by dividing the story up between two characters and bringing them together at the end. The motion controls are simple but contribute to one of the best control schemes Iíve ever used. After my many gripes about Resistanceís complete brown and grayness, Folklore is awash in magnificent colors and effects. In almost every other game, the encroaching void of nothingness taking over would be black or dark, but here itís a vibrant orange. It works so well with the style and shape that itís gorgeous but still scary. The gripes I have sound big but in the grand scheme of things, they donít detract from the overall experience. One of my complaints lends itself to the interesting and unique characters in that there are just too many neat abilities you gain but you can only use so many at once. It gets a tad annoying at the end when enemies go from being weak to an element to only being weak to one specific attack. This really only affects bosses and the clues to key you into what to you use can be damned obscure but a little trail and error can get you through it. Enemies are a bit too resilient as well. They arenít unfairly strong, they some just take too freaking long. There are battles that take several minutes and once you hit that five minute mark without taking damage, it makes things plod along a bit. The only big complaint I have is the lock-on system/camera. The camera freaks out if you get cornered and the lock-on system has a lot of problems getting something right in front of you or high priority. There can be a large creature beating the tar out of you but the system locks onto the minor enemy just chilling across the room. Frustrating at times, but itís not really a ďhardĒ game, so getting knocked around doesnít really matter much aside from two or three areas.
Major extra kudos for the mythology the game draws upon. I think this may be not only the first Pagan game Iíve played, but the first Irish one as well. It creates its own tales and real myths to create one of the most unique takes on death and the Afterlife Iíve seen.
Sins Committed- Bad lock-on system, bad camera, enemies too resilient