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AL44- Phenomenal Cosmic Power

The dread force that IS... unlocked Envy. He’s kind of spiky now, that counts for something; even if the size and weight of his noggin’ alone would prevent the wings from doing anything but kicking up some dust. Well I still think he’s adorable, at the least.

In the exciting outside world of Sins, we’re proud to introduce another subdomain full of goodness! The site itself is very much a work in progress, but Spiral has decided to share his work us, so revel in it!
There’s a “comic” link at the top there. As you can plainly see, I’m the one that illustrated his writings and in total butt covering/fairness to me, a lot of these were done a while ago so the art isn’t quite up to the regular snuff we’ve come to expect. They’re probably going to be posted out of the order I drew them in order to forma more cohesive storyline, so the look is going to fluctuate a bit for a while. So big thanks to Spiral for sharing with us and I hope you all enjoy it and leave him plenty of comments and well wishes.

Quick Review: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune- Sadly what could have been an absolutely exceptional adventure and exploration game turns out to be the very dictionary definition of “generic” or “focus tested beyond comprehension”. Generic action hero with a five o’clock shadow, white shirt, and cocky attitude? Check. Blonde female sidekick that constantly asserts herself but always winds up getting in the way or shouting? Check. Older ladies man pilot and mentor that dies really really quickly? Check. DF is basically like somebody looked at Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones and for some godly unknown reason thought that their popularity wasn’t from the exotic locations, faux historical bits, or exploration, but they’re instead loved for their gun fights. Every five minutes you’re jolted from a magnificent exploration game into a substandard shooter against the most ludicrously resilient nobodies to ever come pouring out of the walls. I shot you in the back, arm, neck, and face... and you’re still not dead? I mean when hiring goons, I’d want the guy that can take a burst from the automatic to the head and just flinch too, but playing as the hero, it’s frustrating as all hell. Battles are always two or three times longer than they should be and come often, so you rarely get to appreciate the majesty of the beautifully rendered backgrounds and locals. Force in Six-Axis controls for throwing grenades and you lose the only item that could end battles quicker. Tack on low ammo, low health, and a camera and cover system that fight against you for extra measure. Unless you’re looking for the most mindless of ways to kill a few hours, Drake becomes completely unworthy of playing, much less beating, very quickly.
Sins Committed- Generic characters, completely unnecessary combat, enemies are too resilient