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AL46- Take Your Ice Pick

Pffft, why even bother busting out the ice pick when the big axe has already been revealed. Size does seem to matter when you’re in the area of smuggleable weapons or attempting to overthrow an otherwise peaceful temple. But they could have upgraded over the years and installed some cannons or grenade launchers. Look out, Al!
Envy got a booting at the foot of Labor, Alicia laid out some love for the fuzzy one; it looks like Greed’s luck is turning around!

Quick Reviews:
Equilibrium- While the plot is nothing new (basically V for Vendetta meets Fahrenheit 451) and it doesn’t do anything to escape from the clichéd plot progression, Equilibrium does what it set out to do and in a stylistic way. “Gun kata” makes for some rather nice and interesting fights and the setting and environment are keen, so it’s worth a watch. That and Bernese Mountain Dogs are like the freaking cutest puppies possible.

Assassin’s Creed (PS3)- The only real thing AC has going for it is the unique setting and main character because when you strip that away, you’re basically just left with Prince of Persia with bad combat, an overly complex control scheme, and mind numbingly boring cut scenes. The parkour aspect is fun for a bit but you really have to chose either a free running agility game or a combat based game. As it stands, you run around and have fun and then you’re thrown into a tedious combat system that consists of blocking and countering. The fact that combat is brought on by passing a soldier at anything other than a snail’s pace doesn’t help matters. The thing that draws some extra ire is how during all of the game’s hype and previews, the company never included that you’re not actually playing in the assassin’s setting, you’re playing in a wannabe Matrix setting that would drive even Jung to exasperation. The game starts off with this “twist” from the get go, so to hide it from buyers and the public is basically a scummy PR decision. It’s understandable because it’s just a really lame idea. Full disclosure that I didn’t play much because the game is just tedious and actually goes into boring territory, so unless it majorly turns itself around a few hours into the game, you can probably do better elsewhere.