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AL47-Karma Sintra

We haven’t seen the Sins use this aspect of their powers lately, so what better way to put down two guards with out all that messy killing that tends to alert everybody in the area than with some nice happy hugging? While Lust might thing Al had a bad idea, she DID lead to two people snuggling with only a moderate chance that they’re going to regret what just happened when they come to their senses. You heard it from Sins, dear readers, school prevents people from cuddling and enjoying love. Especially two cute and perky female guards. Boo, school, boo.

Quick Review: Pi: Faith in Chaos- Pi starts off being about a guy trying to discover a mathematical pattern that relates to the everyday world and that part of the movie is fairly interesting (assuming you’re the kind of person that can find interest in things like Pi, Fibonacci sequences, and the Golden Mean, which is likely a small population ), but it adds a whole dramatic angle about the guy having a disease and people coming after him for the pattern and it just gets really inane and downright boring. So, yes, the math is vastly more interesting than the drama. And high schoolers stuck in godawful and poorly taught Algebra and Calculus courses just shuddered...

Posted by Pip

Spiral's Comic

Hey, Slapeggs. Just a quick note that Spiral's comic has updated again and he claims to be updating every Friday from now on, so that's when you can swing by for something new.
Read and enjoy: