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AL48- Going Down In Style

They may be bimbos but they at least seem to be doing a decent job against mortals. Sure they’re weak against scheming demons, but I don’t think too many could hold that against them. And who would you expect to apply with those uniforms!
If you ever needed proof that something just wasn’t right with Alicia, there you have it in the last panel. Mini Greed’s adorable powers have been shown to triumph over all, so to be turned down by Alicia... She must be a robot!

A new DDG has been posted as well. Sans any Mini Greeds though.

To the TVTropes editor that compared Lust’s leadership amongst the Sins to Carla from Scrubs, bravo to you good sir, Or ma’am. All we need is a Janitor Labor and a Chastity Dr. Cox and we’re all set.

Quick Review: F.E.A.R. (PS3)- If FEAR has anything, it has atmosphere. Ooodles of it. And despite my usage of “oodles” there, this has got to be one of the tensest and most gnawing games I’ve played. The sound and visuals are fantastic and really get you in that zone where you’re absorbed in the action. FEAR has a nice way of mucking around with you not knowing if things in the distance are hallucinations or real threats, so at one point I found myself twitchy and forming a battle plan to approach the long figure hunched over in dim light around a corner, rushing in and raising my gun, only to realize that it was a Wet Floor sign cocked at an odd angle and the shadows from the overhead light and my flashlight made it look like a huddled person. THAT is game design.
Combat is a bit by the books and none of the weapons are all that unique or interesting nor are the bad guys. Thankfully the game knows when to and when not to have fire fights and employs some of the smartest AI I’ve seen in a game. There’s also a nice “focus” system where you can slow time down (but not to cheesy bullet time-esq levels) that helps you get a bead on things and plan your shots a bit better.
FEAR made me think of Half Life 2 a lot while I was playing, but in a way that FEAR felt like HL with decent game design. They both use an idiotic flashlight whose battery drains in a matter of seconds, but whereas in HL it was just an annoyance, in FEAR the darkness does wonders for the suspense and atmosphere. I complained about the poor level design in HL and how I never felt as if I was going the right way and that I’d frequently hit road blocks and not know where to go next, but in FEAR you always feel like you’re progressing and whenever I did hit a dead end, I always had a feeling of “okay, there’s something I’m missing here” and it never took more than a minute or two to track down the alternate route. A little touch like an extra health pack can go a long way in letting the user know they’re on the right track. Finally, whereas HL tosses you into the middle of a story with grand beginnings and that seems like it should lead up to something amazing that it never delivers, FEAR tosses you in as well, but the story is more focused and you’re teased along with information and snippets of story that actually make you want to drive ahead. Kudos to you, design team.
Sins Committed: Bland character designs, too resilient enemies, action becomes repetitive by the end

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