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AL49- Butt Ornaments 3 The Ornamenting

Leave the jealousy to the Vices, Lust, it doesn’t suit you. Sure skimpy faux-temple guard makes a cute costume, but the kids are into the soft and fluffy. Greed’s like one giant soul stealing and wallet pinching plush toy. You can’t compete with that for any little kid. At least until puberty hits.

As our forum-going Slapeggs have no doubt seen by now, the forums kind of went... “Kablooey” yesterday. Entirely not our fault though. The server company was having issues in our sector and not too long after that; a good chunk of forum data was corrupted. Having a reeeaaally hard time seeing that as a coincidence. Dave, whom we should make sacrilegious altars to, was able to create a fix that at least brought all the posts back from Limbo but there may still be bugs as far as user accounts go. Hopefully your accounts still exist and we’re trying to get them back. Try logging in before you create a new account, but it looks like there may be issues for anybody that signed up for the forums passed September. Sorry for the hassle but at least the posts still exist, even if they are credited to their original posters any more and I hope you get back to commenting and using the boards. Comment or the corrupted data wins, and nobody wants to see that happen.