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AL50- I Bit Him Twice

Chastity, the silent menace. So adding on a nice dollop of intrigue here then. She’s probably be ripe for the crazy cat lady position only if she didn’t appear so eternally youthful. You can’t pull off the crazy hair and afghan draped over your shoulders if your skin is tight and your hair its original shade of purple. I’ve been told that I villainously mutter when by myself (friend saw me walking down the hall after school and said I looked evil) so maybe Chastity is just taking a bad rap. She could be reciting cookie recipes for all they know!

Quick Review: For Your Consideration- There’s always something overindulgent in making a movie about movies, a book about book writing, or a play about plays, but for Christopher Guest, it works. If you weren’t a fan of his other movies like “Best in Show” or “A Mighty Wind”, then you certainly won’t like this one, but I did enjoy them. His movies are just as much about the ensemble of people making the movie as they are about the plot and he undoubtedly finds some of the best people for their roles. Aside from all the bigger people in the movies, almost every role falls into that “I know who you are, I know some shows or movies you’ve been in, but I totally don’t know your name” category but that strikes me as part of the fun. You get to toy with that self-indulgence and play along at home every time you say something like “I think that’s the guy that plays Pete on 30 Rock”. And if I ever need to be told that I only have a few days to live, I want Fred Willard to be the one to break the news to me. He seems like he can make anything enjoyable.