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Posted by Pip

FL1- House Sinners

Starting off with two Virtues on page 1! Why this is indeed going to be a Virtue heavy chapter, albeit a relatively short one. Content is always so cute to me. Id have a hard time picking a voice actress for her because I imagine her voice to be this bubbly, hyper barely understandable thing all the while being sweet and caring. Shes the spaz of the Virtues no doubt.

Quick Review: Burnout Paradise- I love Burnout Revenge and would probably rank it as one of the all-time best racing games. Paradise pretty much tosses everything good about Revenge out the window and winds up being complete garbage. The controls are awful and the camera is set at an absolutely horrific angle so you basically have to be hitting two buttons at the same time with one finger to adjust the camera and boost. I can bend my thumb backwards a fair amount but after a few seconds it does start to hurt. You can switch the angle to inside the car but if you have a small or standard definition TV, you wont have nearly enough time to react or even be able to see anything at all if driving into the sun or at a moderate speed. Just trying to get the car to turn around wound up being one of the most frustrating exercises ever put in a racing game. These problems alone make the game not worth playing, saying nothing of the awful road layout, how you start events, how long it takes to get form one event to another, the AI, and on and on. I cant see anything, the camera is awful, the map system is useless, the car controls horribly, and they took out all of the fun parts from Revenge. Avoid it at all costs.