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FL2- V Meh

I got a Virtue to say ďmehĒ, life has meaning again. Joy may be forced to find enjoyment in things, but that certainly doesnít mean she canít be fidgety and irritable at the same time. Then again she may just be finding joy in the fidgeting itself. Stupid humans with their growing and aging indeed...

Quick Reviews: Futurama The Beast With A Billion Backs- Ultimately Beast is just a long version of a bad episode of Futurama. That being said, a bad episode of Futurama is still better than most ďgoodĒ movies or shows. Itís funny, but itís not as funny as the show and doesnít have the emotion or much of the wit. It comes across as drawn out because the concept isnít really all that funny to begin with and the whole B side story with Bender is actually kind of boring. It wraps up in a very unfulfilling manner and the jokes inside it lean more towards the pun or cheap joke level. On a purely fan boyish level, given the note that Big Score left us with about Fry and Leelaís relationship and how theyíre capable of caring for each other, Beast seems to revel in not only ignoring their feelings for each other but seems to actively work to shoot them down and pull the audience away from them. Worth a watch but it doesnít compare to the humor and heart of the show.

Spectacular Spider-Man (TV show)- I initially wrote off SSM as a cash-in for the movies, but Iím glad I eventually gave it a chance. The art is simple, clean, stylized, and animates wonderfully (although their giant eyes freak me out, Flashís hair kind of does too). Theyíre way heavy on the Peter Parker and his abundance of uninteresting teenage angst (although, amazingly, this incarnation of Gwen is actually somewhat tolerable), but when they focus on Spidey and the villains, the show is great. Itís far more creative in its action than previous Spider-Man cartoons and the storytelling and characters are a nice mix of the Original and Ultimate series. The only villains I really havenít been gung ho about are the Vulture (you just canít make him interesting) and surprisingly Venom. The Venom/Spidey fights were good and Venomís creepy and sadistic, but he never really acts on his threats (he slugs the tar out of Pete in their first fight but then can barely land a punch when they meet again) and his voice is pretty annoying. Hopefully theyíve gotten the teenage whining out of the way because a second season could really do well. And no jazz hands!