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Posted by Pip

FL5- Virtue Uh Fighter

I like that last panel. Nice and calm after the shouting, but still just as bizarre in its own right. Freaky olí Modesty.

Happy Fourth, Slapeggs. Blow something up in an amusing and mostly legal way for all of us.

There will hopefully be a DDG up shortly. If itís not up until by Saturday afternoon, it will be up some time next week, because... Segue to:

Those of you ludicrously on top of your electronics news may have heard that the company I work for was bought out and our offices were being closed. Our new corporate overlords have mandated that if we want to keep our jobs, we have to go to their main office and unfortunately that involves moving. Yet again. Ah to be seen and treated as just a cog in a large machine. So, this weekend Iíll be shipping off again and without Internet service for a few days. The mighty Dave is going to step in and update in my steed if he can work around the hassle, so a preemptive thanks to him! I should be back up and posting by Tuesday, but until then, be good and only sinful in a nice way until I return.