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FL8- Babysitting The Labor Way

But then you never get called back for more babysitting gigs and miss out on your twenty bucks and popsicles in the fridge!
Crafty little Content seems quite happy to keep her pet boy all to herself though. No sinning for Fluffy.

Quick Review: Gotham Knight- Much like the Animatrix, GK has several different stories of varying quality about their characters and in the end I’d rather have had just one well-told story. The anime’d up Batman is for the most part unappealing (save for demon shade Bats, woo) and none of the stories make or break anything, but they’re worth a watch and they have THE voice of Batman. Odd hearing his voice coming from an overly Bishi Bruce though. A breakdown of the chapters, which do actually work with the Batman Begins theme well enough:
1- Easily the best of the movie. It's pretty much taken from an episode of the show with a group of kids each telling a story about their take on Batman, only here it all weaves together.
2- Comes down to mindless anime style violence but not much more.
3- Some horrible designs and the tech takes away from Batman but it redeems itself within its bounds.
4- More ugly characters, especially the black cop that looks like a racist stereotype, but overall an uninteresting treatment of some supervillains and a lousy end for the Scarecrow
5- Just another story of how Bruce Wayne can do anything and everything and knows every single martial and mystical art known to anybody and he's more Superman than human.
6- Holy crap! Wayne stole Bruce Campbell's chin. A decent enough non-story though. A non-super supervillain that meets a far too quick end due to the time constraints.

As a bonus, there are a few episodes of the good FOX/WB episodes (featuring the episode I mentioned earlier). They actually come across as more developed and interesting than the ones in the movie itself.