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Posted by Pip

FL10- Screw Chastity

Isn’t that ironic/oxymoronic? Wouldn’t Chastity be the last to be screwed? Oh you confusing Virtues, you. While the Sins at least accept that Lust is considerably more on the ball than the rest of them are, it appears that Chastity has a harder time proving her smarts to he group. At least if Sloth rises up against you, you brush it aside, but a Labor uprising could do some damage.

Anybody else like reeeaaally bored with this year’s E3? The only interesting news has been God of War 3 (but it was a few second clip for a game we already knew was coming for over a year now), the new Ratchet, and Sony’s kick-assly adorable presentation (EVERY business meeting needs to be animated in LittleBigPlanet from now on). Basically the whole thing has so far been trailers for things that were debuted months ago and confirmation that I still want to play three titles that I wanted to play months ago.