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FL12- A Modest Proposal

Eat him!
Definitely not a kid Virtue. Sure putting a little fear of the unknown in them is a-okay, but drawing weapons tends to get a disapproving head shake from the PTA. I suppose the grand mystery of Modesty will have to go on.

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Quick Reviews: Persepolis- Definitely a fantastic movie. Well written, beautifully shot/made, and an excellent story of a person’s life. It starts amazingly and there’s at least one scene where you have to be a soulless monster to not get chocked up. I like to fancy myself as that soulless monster and I teared up, so there you have it. Unfortunately it drags on when it gets to her adult life, but by no means should that prevent you from watching it.

Dark Knight- Moving into fantastic in a completely different sense, the new Batman completely overcame my expectations. I loved Batman Begins but went in completely expecting to be let down and I was proven wrong in a spectacular fashion. The story and writing and are flat-out exceptional. It suffers from the same flaws as the first, namely that while Bale makes for a spot-on Bruce Wayne, his Batman is severely lacking (my god that horrible voice, it saps scenes of their drama and may as well be an Adam West-era “KAPOW” or “ZOCK”) and that Rachel is an awful and incredibly annoying character. Those two aside, it’s amazingly well designed. I wasn’t a fan of Gary Oldman as Gordon in Begins, but the character and writing are so strong here that it more than makes up for it. I went with the work office and when you start off with a relatively geeky audience, send them to a superhero comic movie, make it a well done one; you get severe nerding out of the greatest kind. Truck flip, that’s all that needs to be said.
On a side note, Gotham City is in Jersey? Seriously? I’m feeling an odd sense of hometown pride.