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FL13- Virtues Are Totally Totally Totally Outrageous

Iíll have you know that I actually watched that Jem theme song on Youtube to get those lyrics right (I missed the third ďtotallyĒ). The horrors I suffer for my readers... 80s little kid cartoons had theme songs almost equivalent to your typical anime show in terms of ear bleeding pain. What is this comic about. Oh god it burns.
A small reveal on the workings of the gauntlet. Okay, small reveal but big creepy. Where does it come from? How is Chastity in charge? And if the Sins are sticking those things in their bodies... eww.

Quick Review: Stranglehold- I initially brushed this off as a mindless shooter, but after playing the demo, I loved what I had seen. After renting the full version, sadly the level in the demo is the only decent one in the game. All the fun mechanics of shooting out things in the environment to take out enemies become almost nonexistent after the first stage and it becomes just another shooter. For the first half of the game, it goes the Dynasty Warriors route: enemies die in one or two hits so they make up for it by sending wave after wave after wave of them at you. There were several points I thought I was doing something wrong because the enemies wouldnít stop coming, but nope, you just have to sit there for five to ten minutes and pick them off again and again. For the last half of the game, it just becomes unfair. Enemies sop up bullets to the point that if itís not a headshot, donít waste the ammo firing and they spawn behind you firing an automatic with unlimited ammo. The biggest crime is how buggy the game is! Everything from graphics and clipping to oddities with the ragdoll physics to hints the game gives just being flatout wrong to moves not working to sound problems to bosses glitching out (I got one to stand in the same spot as I took out half of his health). It most definitely is like playing a John Woo movie but even overthetop intense John Woo violence gets really, really tedious after a short while.
The multiplayer mode is very smooth and nicely set up, but your only options are Team Deathmatch or Deathmatch and I didnít see a single game or person online so I canít rate how it plays. At least stick in some Capture The Flag or something for variety.
Sins Committed- Buggy, too many enemies, tedious by the end, empty online servers, lack of multiplayer modes