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Posted by Pip

FL14- Drunk On Gin And Platonics

Business meetings and the corporate world would be a lot more jovial if such were the standard greeting. Hell, Iím not even really sure who my boss is, never mind having given him a hug or handshake.
I guess itís really a debate on who makes the worst surrogate family, the Sins or the Virtues. I can see merits and horrors to each, but at least with the Sins youíd wind up with more material goods. And the scenery changes more. Lousy boring Limbo.
Donít forget that this IS a short story so its end is going to roll into the larger scheme of things. Fair warning!

We have an absolutely kick butt guest comic by Luprand in the fan art gallery. Because Sins is all about the science in the sexiest way. Thanks, Luprand!