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Posted by Pip

FL16- All I Can Stands

I originally just planned this arc to be karmic backlash against Content for Aceena’s sake. Life built her up and then yanked away the wee one from Lust, so Content sees a similar deal with ol’ Fluff. I intended Fluffy to be a throw-away character for a chapter focusing on the Virtues, but I like the little guy enough that, much like Aceena as well, he’ll be back in some form later on. Even Sharing seems to know about this though. Intrigue! Not only does Chastity have big big plans, but the rest of the Virtues at least seem to know a little bit about it and are planning on something going down. Something involving the Hosts... And not the Rhett and Lust kind of going down either. Zing!

Back to color backgrounds with our next host and a straight-up continuation of the timeline.