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A48- There Can Be Only Seven

There are perks to being immortal. No matter how much you hate a human, you know it will be dead in a short time by your perspective. Of course this comic has the poor moral than revenge is called for, but hey, the whole series has bad morals so revel in them!

So, the Xbox 360 comes out today. I get to spend my day dealing with angry stupid people. And normally I just spend it with stupid people. Here are my thoughts on the issue: You do NOT need a 360. No! No, stop saying you do. I donít care if your kids want one for Christmas. I donít care if you like Halo. Nobody and I mean nobody needs a 360 tomorrow. I donít care how impressive it is, no videogame system is worth $400 plus games plus accessories. Wait a year. Next year the 360 will be considerably cheaper, it will be on a different make and some of the flaws will have been worked out by then, it will actually have decent and plentiful games, and said games will be cheaper as well. There is NO reason to buy a system the first month, week, day, or HOUR it comes on sale. All you people standing on line at Wal Mart, youíre jackasses. Youíre the reason consumerism is as bad as it is. If either you or your children are so spoiled that you need it now, learn some responsibility and patience. Youíre pretty much advertising how willing you are to let companies rip you off, create their own hype through business and shipping practices, and charge whatever the heck they want. If you just have that much money burning a hole in your pocket, do something good with it. Your $400 would better go to help hurricane victims, to help AIDS patients, to help fight diseases, to fight hunger, to fight illiteracy, to fight homeless, or to help some poor starving person feed its family on Thanksgiving. $400 to have a half-naked ninja bimbo fight Master Chief in a videogame is just disgusting. And thatís my opinion you didnít ask for but got if youíre at the point of reading this sentence. Unless you just skipped ahead, then shame on you.