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Posted by Pip

ST1- Sloth On Head

Not quite as profitable as the Shoe On Head fad, but Sloth On Head will catch on some day...
Hey, we already know about this kid! Raised and grown in the same old exciting cave our Fluffy came from. Just sans any painful run-ins with Joy. I suppose it’s nice to know that after a generation that beach still hasn’t changed. Although having semi-frozen kids and supernatural beings hanging out in the nearby cave probably does scare away the developers.

A new DDG went up the other night as well, so give in to its loving glow and click that DDG tab.

With a new series, comes a new month! Or maybe it’s the other way around. And in honor of Fluffy, it’s a Virtuetastic wallpaper to balance out July’s Sintastic summer wallpaper.

It was another good month for the comic, so big thanks to all of you that are linking to the site and spreading the good word! The favored Google search leading to Sins this month almost went to “bishi bruce wayne” but we only ranked 12th out of 744 results for that one, so it goes to “adopsin” which sounds like the world’s most soul stealing and evil adoption center. Like the kind of place where you get possessed babies or ones that crawl on the ceiling. They’re out there! Mark my words.