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Posted by Pip

ST4- Greatest Show Not Of This Earth

Our laddie has a name and has proposed the greatest showdown possible. Greed could totally take the dog-faced boy and Sloth is down with the carnies. The bear in a tutu would probably put up a good fight though. Those things are wily.

A new DDG was posted last night. One starting a whole crossover dealie even. Fan-cy.

And Taralynn’s site has undergone a major revamping and will be featuring a comic soon! Faaan-cy as well. Give it a looksie and let her know whatcha think.

Quick Review: Hollywoodland- Another of those movies I had a vague intent to see, heard kind of good things, and was stuck at the bottom of my Netflix queue until I was in the mood to see it. I was pleasantly surprised and I wound up really liking it. Ben Affleck confuses the heck out of me because one minute he’s actually more than competent and has a really good performance here and then you does... well 99% of the rest of the junk he does. In fact, the entire cast was great and fit their roles nicely. The deal with the PI and his estranged wife and son seemed kind of tacked on and Hollywood cliché, but it doesn’t detract from a solid detective tale.