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ST8- I Too Know Few Shipping Terms

Fortune is such a nerd. Paying attention and learning. Pffft. Geek! Outside of possessing people (and thus theoretically stealing them), this may be the biggest thing we’ve seen the Sins “eternally borrow”. Now to steal a volcano lair and possibly an airship...

Quick Reviews: Marvel Zombies 2- While it definitely smacks of cashing in on a success, it’s still one of the few things that can get me to read a superhero comic. My only big complaints are that the last half (of a rather short collection) basically comes down to “this happened because we need a way to resolve this” and that it blatantly sets itself up for a third series. Bonus points for mentally deranged Hawkeye. His “Be my friend?” moment is probably the best thing to ever come out of the character.

Rex Libris Volume 1- When there is dialogue, it’s fantastic and all of the characters are likeable and interesting, but the vast majority of the writing is monologueing. Walls of text to describe backstory, characters explaining what they’re thinking or doing and spelling out everything, and a tendency to just throw text at any problem make it a tough read. The actual reading of the book isn’t really enjoyable, but after you’re done, the idea and the experience are entertaining and interesting. So, it’s a trade off at best and worst.