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ST11- It Was Soap Poisoning

Or Mercury poisoning. One of the two. The sweetest of the transition metals. The Sins continue their immaturity with perhaps the most kid-phrase out there, ďThatíll show ĎemĒ. The perfect way to plot your revenge or just make them all feel guilty when you die, go blind, or get abducted by aliens. Thatíll teach mom and dad to have scoffed at the electrified perimeter fence to ward off werewolf attacks. No adults ever plan for the werewolf attacks. The fools!

Thereís a poll up on the forum for readers to weigh in on the next arc, so if youíd be inclined to, Iíd appreciate it if you made your vote heard, please. You shouldnít need an account to vote in the poll, so even if you havenít signed up for the forums, it should work. Thanks!

Quick Review: Ratchet and Clank Quest For Booty- I've established several times here how much of a Ratchet and Clank fan I am, so I am totally biased towards the series. Hopefully you'll understand the gravity when I say Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty is a complete rip-off. Itís tedious and in no way do you get bang for your bucks. The new wrench mechanics slow down gameplay because every 30 seconds or so, you have to stop the action and use the wrench to move or carry something. And itís not like itís fun to use or offers anything exciting either. About half the time, the game wonít register that youíre trying to pick something up and to use the new features you have press duck+attack and you use the right analogue to manipulate objects making the whole thing extremely awkward. The seriesís typical new weapons and mods and interesting abilities are gone (they do a Metroid-esq thing where you have some items in the intro stage and then you lose all of them) and without Clank, swimming is extremely slow, you canít boost jump, and you canít even glide. Even the core mechanics and DNA of a Ratchet game are missing. The camera is lousy and poorly positioned during grinding segments, there are only three bosses (two of which were regular enemies in Ratchet Future and the final boss is a piece of cake if you can overcome the camera), the animations in cinemas are jerky and mouth movements are spotty at best, I found a glitch within the first hour of play, the audio, subtitles, and onscreen characters aren't synched and cutscenes will end while the characters are still speaking, Tal is extremely annoying in this one and her main role is to shout exposition at you and explain how to do the simplest things, and the biggest sin is that the game isnít even funny (no Qwark, no witty dialogue, no great story). You only get a few weapons (half are good weapons, half are the lame ones (Nanoswarm, the Shock Ravager whip, Tornado Launcher , bleh) and they only level up twice each but you still donít even have enough time to max them out because the game ends so quickly. Youíre pushing 3 hours tops to beat it and outside of maybe ten seconds of cinematics, it offers nothing to the larger story. Insomniac has really sucked out a lot of the good will I have for the series with this and it comes across as nothing more than milking money out of fans of the series.
To encourage you not to buy it, here is the one and only real plot point in the game:
The Zoni are working for Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence
***End oí spoilers**

Sins committed: Bad dialogue, Extremely short, Action frequently interrupted by new mechanics, Bad camera