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ST14- Sinmus Aran

Fortune is totally a secret agent. I knew it! Behind that innocence and everyday look, she’s a tempest of intrigue, gadgets, crazy cars, and busting into volcano strongholds to arrest evildoers and bring them in for cash! Unless she’s working for the other team and she’s breaking into space stations in geosynchronous orbit and bringing in members of shadowy government organizations...

A new DDG is up, proving that it’s totally okay to punch a girl, especially when they’re not one.

And it’s a new month, so that means a new wallpaper for those of you donating art, writings, or monies! It’s September so it’s once again time to celebrate the return to school/rub it in the face of the people still suffering through school.

AND we have the top search engine search that led to Sins with... “dr. sin comics”. “yo mamma jokes” and “greatest” are honorable mentions, but having a Dr. Sin is just awesome. Unless somebody was searching for Dr. Zin and Johnny Quest comics and just misspelled it... Awww, now I’m sad. Curse you, Benton Quest! Curse yoooouuuu!
Holy crud I knew Dr. Quest’s first name without having to look it up. That is really, REALLY pathetic.

Quick Review: Disgaea 3- The Disgaea series has always come down to that if you’re a fan, you’ll wet your pants for it, if you’re not, it’s the gaming equivalent of organizing a spreadsheet. There’s a lot to do in the game but it all boils down to grinding, repetition, reorganizing, going through lists, and all manners of micromanaging that suck out any fun to be had. I always liked the series’ combo/teamwork system but for every neat feature like that, you’re mired down in the Geoblocks, poor stage design, enemies that gain in strength far too quickly, and all of the archaic bad decisions of games past. You can’t skip long attack sequences (only have them 100% on or 100% off), it takes too long to see any real character growth and you have to grind for experience, money, and mana to do anything interesting, you never have any interesting characters or abilities for the first chunk of the game, for all 8000 different classes there may be, there’s little difference between them and they all fit into the standards (healer, fighter, mage, etc), the series’ awful countering system, and for some godly unknown reason there’s no autosave after battles or a way to jump back in if you’re defeated or even restart a battle without quitting all the out and then reloading. In Disgaea 1, at least the story was funny and some of the characters were semi-interesting, but in 3, the characters just seem like cheap unlikable knock offs of the others and the story is wholly uninteresting and is so entrenched in pandering to anime fans that it focuses more on unfunny references to games, shows, or itself than it does to actually defining itself in any way. The whole main character feels like somebody tried to write an Invader Zim fanfiction character and he’s painfully irritating. I played the first game and have the show buried somewhere in my Netflix queue and am reading the second one through the comic series, but I don’t think even in comic or show form they could make this one interesting. Although they tried as hard as they could and came up with an opening cinematic on par with the most ear bleeding anime opening. I like the art and character design, but it’s not worth sitting through anime theme music to enjoy that tiny bit.
Sins committed- Bad story, Bad dialogue, Bad characters, Archaic features, Micromanaging, Grinding