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Posted by Pip

ST16- Liqueur Pirateur

Bum bum buuum! Told ya sheíd be back. What better way to find your long lost pirating captain than to get information from the people looking to make your pirating captain long and lost? That Fortuneís a smart cookie, she is.

Weíre almost there to the 500th update. Times running low if youíre planning on showing up some love for all our hard work, ludicrous wit, and the way the comic has fundamentally changed the humans interact with each other.

Quick Review: Extras Season 1- Why is Ricky Gervais so awesome? Extras is like an unholy combination of Seinfeld and the UK Office and I love it. Like Jerry and George, the characters get into lousy situations and problems caused entirely through their own faults and the fact that they are horrible, horrible people but they donít overtly intend to be that way. Like with the Office, the show manages to be hilarious and soul-crushingly depressing at the same time. Each episode also has an absolutely fantastic guest star that you really donít see coming. This show is probably one of the best things Ben Stiller has ever done and I donít think Iíll be able to look at Patrick Stewart the same way again.