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ST19- Greed Powers Activate

The Sins channel their inner senses. Gluttony is in tune with her leafy brethren. Greed has an ear twitch going on so there MUST be something good going down. Envy uses his awesome Jack-O-Lantern powers to... hold up a candle. Anger can, letís go with ďtalk to fishĒ. And Lust is concerned with storage space. Just like a woman to always be thinking of closet space for new clothes! Amirite, guys? Donít hurt me...

Quick Review: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night- Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give SotN is that I played it a decade ago on the Saturn, completely in Japanese and not understanding a word of it (figuring out how to open blue doors made me feel totally special), I beat it with all three characters, and now I completely willingly bought it again all these years later and I still consider it almost the pinnacle of game design and quality. You can have a downloadable title like Ratchet Q4B that was a complete disappointment and a ripoff at $15 for 3 not very fun hours of play time and then you have something like SotN thatís an amazing package for even less money. Ten bucks for one of the best games ever made, a main quest thatís about ten hours long, a secondary character on a different assignment that turns your second playthrough into a completely different experience, graphics and design that eleven years after its first release are still high quality, and even though almost every game player these days knows about it, the Reverse Castle is still one of the greatest jaw-dropping plot twists ever. Ever. The only real complaints I have about it are pretty minor. There are some difficulty issues where the beginning of the game can be incredibly hard at times, but by the end, itís a cake walk and not even the final boss provides a challenge. Also, since itís a port of the PSX version and not the Saturn version, they removed Maria as a playable character and the extra stage. Finally, the dialogue and acting are just so ludicrously hammy. But that almost draws you in more. Completely random Ye Olde English just appeals to some of us miserable pile of secrets.
Sins Committed- Balance issues, Bad writing, Bad acting, Fleamen and Medusa Heads!