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ST20-Do NOT Make Me Turn This Comic Around

Mean ol’ Lust stealing from Greed again. Does nobody respect the personal space that is the interdimensional gateway inside a shade’s chest anymore? At least the awesome power that is being a dowsing rod for food is still a respected field. Greed is totally going to be the one that comes in one night and suffocates the team with a pillow as payback. That, or a cricket bat to the noggin’.

A new DDG is up and it brings the crossover experience to a close. But could it return later... No, there’s fire and carnage everywhere so click that DDG tab to the left quickly.

Quick Review: Mercenaries 2- The gist of Mercs 2 is that if somebody had cared enough, it could have been a fun game, but as is, it’s kind of bad and downright boring. Expect lots of bugs and a complete lack of fine tuning in everything from enemy behavior to animation to physics. Sometimes just walking into an object will send it blasting off into the distance at high speeds, changing road surfaces causes your vehicle to pop up in the air, twist over, and the explode, running over a fire hydrant or a mailbox will do more damage to your tank than an exploding car, gunfire, or crashing into buildings, enemies will spawn in odd places (sometimes in other factions’ home bases), allies will suddenly decide you’re an enemy, shoot you once, and then just walk away treating you like an ally again, pedestrians will suddenly decide that they HAVE to bolt into the street and jump in front of your car (for which you receive a $5K fine for injuring a civilian), and some quality old fashion horrific path finding. It’s just a bunch of things that would be minor on their own but all together make for a game that reeks of “get this done and out the door”. The missions themselves are repetitive not all that interesting to begin with so you don’t really have anything driving you to go ahead. I failed a mission and just couldn’t raise enough interest to start it again so I just mailed the game back. Take your pick on what’s sadder, that I got bored enough to quit only about seven missions in or that with those seven missions completed, I was already at 21% completion for the game. And be extra forewarned that even if you stick with the missions; you’re going to hear the same five lines of dialogue on an almost constant loop. If you’re traveling with an ally, they spit out phrases with only about a two or three second delay after each one and they say the same thing over and over. I had three guys in a row say the same sound bite about it being hot in a matter of maybe ten seconds. The really bizarre thing is that they had different voices. That means that instead of having three different people record three different lines, they had three different people record the same lines. I guess... voice actors are a lot cheaper than writers?

Sins Committed: Everything is brown, Buggy, Repetitive, Bad Camera, Infinite enemies