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A5- Banana Boat Full Of Regret

Well, at least she was tanning her backside when she was called to the island, right? There you go, folks, tanning with your top unhooked just isn’t worth it because the hazard of being teleported away topless outweighs bikini tan lines.
This will most likely be a confusing page for new readers, so I’ll do what I can quickly. The woman introduced here isn’t human and normally has a “ghost tail” kind of lower half. At the end of the last series, this woman was passably human and had real legs. So! In “short”, she was relaxing and living a fairly human life when she was summoned back and thrown into her supernatural form. Wow that makes no sense typing it out.

On the subject of Slurpees. Upon moving to the South there was a big fact I was completely unaware of: 7-11s are not in every state! I come from the Jersey Shore and northern Jersey, you literally can’t go five miles without being near a 7-11. I just grew up thinking that they were a staple all over the United States, if not North America. So on the drive down here and in my first few weeks, I thought it was odd that I couldn’t find a 7-11 to get a Slurpee. Finally I broke down, checked 7-11’s website, and was faced with the awful truth. You can’t get Slurpees around here! Sure, you can get Icees, but it’s just not spiritually the same. My main problem is that every Icee serving place in this town only has two flavors: Coke and Wild Cherry. I don’t like Coke or Wild Cherry. One had a halfway decent orange, but it’s gone now. If you mix the Coke and Cherry flavors, they’re pretty okay, but I crave the goodness of the blue kind! Blue Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry, how I miss thee. Even Strawberry or Kiwi Banana. I’d take so many flavors before being stuck with Coke and Cherry Icees. Rest assured, if I ever come into money that I can waste freely, I’m buying a Slurpee machine, sticking it in my living room, and stocking it throughout the year with Blue Raspberry Slurpees and then rotating the other flavor. Mark my words… I wonder if you can just buy the machines or if you have to setup a franchise. They’re sold on eBay sometimes, but I want an official one and to be able to buy the mixes straight from 7-11 to ensure quality.