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ST21- Insert Starman Onomatopoeia

In all fairness, Lust IS totally on Greedís side of the cave. As far as kid car rules go, that means Greed gets to poke her. Then again, she is a lot tougher than him so sheíll probably get away with that slap. Maybe Greed can just throw a juice box at her later. Thatíll even the score.
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Sins Venials turned three years old! Three years of the best damned personifications of humanityís ills corrupting souls, harassing children, and generally being clueless. Three years is a milestone, man. In dog years, thatís totally legal age to go out and get hammered! Three years is longer than the average PR agent/client relationship, longer than the last ice age, longer than the USís participation in WW1, longer than the Spanish Civil War, longer than Queen Meryt-Niethís rule in Egypt, and longer than relationships covered under the Property Relationships Act 1976! Incidentally, Google is awesome for pointless trivia. Back on track, think of how many good TV shows lasted less than three seasons, and now that Sins has been around for longer then they have, Sins is totally better than they were! Itís a mathematical property, look it up. You may have <3íd Sins before, but now weíre ? <3.
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Itís even longer if you factor in the Original Sins comics...

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Curse you Internet

Aww, man. The "greater than or equal to" sign doesn't display in some font/language settings. Way to ruin a perfectly good math joke, Internet. Serious business, my ass.