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Posted by Pip

ST22- Grab The Extinguisher

Youíd think the Sins would carry around paper bags for Fortune to breathe into. Or shackles. Ooooor a great big syringe full of happy sleepy medicine. Why is it that when plot points tie together, Fortune ends up on the bad end of things? Poor gal. Such is the price of main characterhood!

A new DDG is up as well. 100% less killing children in that comic. Zip is in his 20s. That means itís okay for comedic tragedy to strike him.

Quick Review: CJ7- Kind of a big letdown in the Stephen Chow department. While the callbacks to Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle are funny and the fight scenes are as good as always and the real-life version of Mari from Project A-Ko is downright disturbing, the rest of the most just doesnít have any of the charm or humor of his previous movies. The main character (not Chow this time) isnít likable and the story never pulls you in, so it just feels drawn out. Worth a watch if itís on TV, but not much more than that unless youíve run out of other things to watch.