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Posted by Pip

ST23- It Works For Birds

Itís either going to have to be a blanket or Lust is going to have to break out the water bottle and spritz Fortune a few times. But seeing as theyíre all standing in ever-rising water, the bottle may not prove to be all that effective...
Prideís like one of those superheroes that busts out new skills in moments of danger. But in her case, itís more unleashing your powers in really inopportune times when she canít control herself. That girl is a powder keg of luck and psychic powers but the Sins universe sadly lacks wheelchair bound bald people to help her.

Today also marks our 500th update in the archives! Hot on the heels of the three-year anniversary! Technically itís the 502nd update because two filler pages arenít counted in the archive stats and itís actually the 490th page of the comic because ten filler pages ARE counted, so ummm... Yay page 500! There is much celebrating to be done!

The Flash works better if you have something driving in the vein of techno, house, or electronica, but anything I have is copyrighted. And if the Sins stand for anything, itís politely obeying copyright laws! ... I shame my characters so.

And thanks to Andsean for drawing us a picture for the occasion!

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