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Posted by Pip

ST25- Like A Bad Penny

Give Fortune a few extra smacks while sheís out cold. Just so sheíll feel it when she comes to...
And yay, Chastity! Er, being spooky and possibly mean. She certainly didnít have to toss that key onto Lust. Itís just demeaning!

A new DDG went up the other day as well, so make sure you check it out and stay on top of the exciting goings on of Offworld.

Thom brought this to my attention, but there's a guy posting on some webcomics saying that he's taking donations for comics and then sending them to artists anonymously. I know you guys are way too smart to fall for that kind of crap, but Sins is on the list of comics he's "collecting" for and I totally didn't authorize it and I hadn't even heard of this guy before Thom told me about this. The Wotch is on his list as well and Robin (that comic's writer, if you're not in the know) didn't authorize it either, so it's a safe bet that none of the artists on the list have given this the okay. The first clue that it's complete bunk is that he charges $12 to give a $10 donation. Yeah... Besides, speaking for other artists if I may, we LOVE finding out that people donated. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy and we even send wallpaper for that kind of thing.
Long and short of it, we both reported him to Paypal so hopefully this will be taken down quickly. If anything, it's just an insult to the people he's trying to scam.

Pip got to go to a Capcom press event! A couple of members of the Capcom-Unity were allowed to join in at the Age of Booty press event and it was good times! Unfortunately it was held in San Francisco, and SF, while you may be a very nice city, I donít like you. Your roads are in deplorable condition, youíre poorly laid out, and you have a serious need for better street signs. I also may have driven the wrong way down a one-way street... I totally need one of those car GPS things. Anywho... Once I got to the event, things were looking up. Okay, not immediately. Iím sure the fans have seen those kick-ass carts and boxes Capcom made up for Mega Man 9, well they were giving them out! ...To press only. Booo! Iím pretty sure I could have lied when the guy at the door asked me if I was press, but I didnít. Curse my virtuosity! They had some kiosks set up with games and there were a lot of people there. I ate with the producer of the SF2 HD Remix, talked with the producer of Flock, talked with someone that worked at Gamasutra, played a game of Age of Booty with someone over at Bungie, and got to meet the mighty S-Kill from the Capcom-Unity. The only downsides to this were that the music was extremely freaking loud so having a real conversation was almost impossible and there were so many people there, which meant lines at the kiosks and having to wade through people just to get anywhere. I still had a good time though and there was free food (which was great, always a plus with moochers) and an open bar and heck, I got to go in the first place, so many thanks to Capcom for holding the event and letting me come!
Flock- I was totally surprised at how much fun this was. I wrote it off when I first saw it, but after playing it, Iím fairly turned around. Really simple gameplay but a lot of fun, the style and graphics were really cartoony and cute, a great multiplayer (sadly local only), and it has a stage creator. Plus the producer was a nice guy even when we crashed the game (it was an early build).
SF2 HD Remix- I didnít actually get to play it because the line was insane and there was one guy whipping everybody, but it looks gorgeous. Not a fighting game fan myself, but if you like Street Fighter, definitely give it a shot. Zangief and Sagatís sprites are flipping enormous.
Age of Booty- Like with Flock, the gameplay is really simple but it wound up being a lot more fun than I expected. Itís most definitely a multiplayer game, but major kudos and thumbs up for including a single player campaign as well. Itís on the slow side and most definitely a game where people that have experience will trounce newcomers, but even if you lose in a decent battle, it seems like it should be fun. And hey, pirates!
Mega Man 9- It came out on PSN today anyway, so why spoil the experience by playing it for a short bit when youíre just going to buy the full one anyway.