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ST27- Put The Lame On The Coconut

When it rains, it floods a slew of ill-timed and annoying opponents. I think that’s how the saying goes. If not, it’s close enough! Labor made the dread mistake of underestimating Lust’s ability to flip out and coconut people. Sure she may usually be a pushover, but that’s just the plan so she can lull Labor into a false sense of security and then... BAM! Out comes the fruit.

It’s a new (and rockin’) month, so woo October! And we dismiss September with the favored search engine string that led to Sins... “thing” is a totally awesome search leading to Sins, “jeremiah why was canceled luke perry” is practically a complete sentence (in the same way “How I shot web” is too), “personajes de halo” was a clooose second (Go, go Maestro Jefe and Senora Cortana!), but the winner clearly has to be... “christian foam art”. If only for the sheer “Whaaaa?” factor it has and it also makes me imagine a ginormous 20-foot tall ultra detailed Jesus on a cross totally made out of soap bubbles. That’d convert a few heathens...

There’s a new picture in convenient wallpaper size for those that donate pictures, stories, creativity, or bucks! Unfortunately... The server company I use “upgraded” the server this weekend and as we’ve all come to learn, whenever Bluehost tries to fix something, they botch it royally. I can’t access the site via FTP, but as soon as I can, I’ll post a preview picture for it. But oh man, just picture how awesome it is in your head. It has Sins characters! And DDG characters! And there are lines and colors and oh it will just blow your mind...

Of course the lack of FTP-age also strikes the subdomains, so expect Spiral and Tara/Kami’s (Tarmi or Kamlynn, if you will) comics to go up when access returns.

Quick Review: Mega Man 9- At its core, MM9 is a test of how willing you are to put up with the bad game design of the 80’s to get to the creamy filling of good 80’s game design. The characters are cute and well designed, the soundtrack is fantastic, the stages are interesting, and it’s such a rush of everything wonderful about NES games. It’s amazing, but for the ninth numbered game in the main series, it has one of the most original Skull Castles and the first form of the final boss is downright creative. But of course since it is a NES-ish game, that means an archaic and punishing lives system, too few checkpoints, cheap and frequent hits, an over-reliance on cruel trial and error, unlimited enemies, a sea of one-hit-kill spikes, bottomless pits, enemies placed next to bottomless pits, and a huge knockback distance. I’m A-OK with the game going back to the 8-bit style, but that doesn’t mean they have to throw out everything we’ve learned in the past 20 years about how to make a fun game. I liked the slide power, the Rush armor from MM6, the different items from MM8, the ability to switch your items with the L and R triggers, replaying stages and using your new powers to find hidden items, and all those little things that built up Mega Man over the games. And Bass! Where’s Bass!? He’s totally the best Mega Man character... EVER. Just clear out the stupid vehicle segments and rocket jetboard parts like in MM8 and they’d have been fine. Unfortunately they threw out a lot of the good stuff to get rid of the bad stuff.
Sins Committed:, Unlimited enemies, Spikes and pits, Removing the good parts of later games, Too few checkpoints, Forced trial and error + Unnecessary “lives” system, Cheap hits, Too short, Eddie is F%$&@ing useless!

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October Wallpaper Preview

The FTPing is back for now, so here's the image preview for the donation wallpaper:

Let it boggle your mind!