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ST29- Treasured Chests

How about a time jump for a new week? Fortune has calmed down, Stu is older and wiser (and still keen on those piratey skull caps), and Lust has sunk to new levels of shamelessness in trying to divert attention back to herself. She doesnít handle not being an arcís main character well. And in all fairness, she is a demon and canít reproduce naturally, so she probably isnít the most qualified to be the one to explain the birds and the bees. She sure knows a lot about the process leading up to it, but you may want to get the physiology from a more reliable source lest you think magic, lasers, and the arcane arts are heavily involved. Which, as best as I can tell, only come in during the birthing process, not conception.

And as an added bonus, we have some art from the always kick-butt SirIsaac in celebration of Sinsís 500th page! Thanks to SI and good olí angry Captain Billy and you can check out her other work at:

Quick Reviews: Earlier Batman movies- I made the mistake of rewatching one of the earlier Batman movies on Netflixís online service... I donít know if I want someone to give Chris Nolan an extra hug or punch Joel Schumacher in the shoulder. I remember them being bad, but not THAT bad.

The Brothers Soloman- Normally, Iíd really donít like Will Forte and Will Arnett (outside of Clone High and 30 Rock, respectively), but for this movie it kind of works because the whole thing is just so insanely stupid that it gets really funny at points. It would have been great if it was like 45 or even 60 minutes long instead of an hour and thirty, but on a whole itís still worth a watch if you like that very specific kind of humor that theyíre going for.