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ST30- The Arts Need Your Support

Alternate title because Iím totally classy: The Playís The Thing!
Or: Our American Cous-Sin
Any more and Iím too far into Rocky and Bullwinkle territory.
So Lust appears to have connections with the slutty theater-going crowd as well. Truly a powerful lobby to be a part of. This wench is surely going to corrupt poor Stu and drag him into the seedy world of three-acts, plays in the park, or even the dreaded shadow plays and marionettes! Be strong, young pirate, be strong.

Quick Review: General Rant- No one movie in mind for today, but Netflix put a ton of decent movies in their online selection for once so Iíve be watching some ďolderĒ good ones and it got me thinking. Whereís this generationís Alien, Robocop, Terminator 1/2, Ghostbusters, etc? Outside of basically sequels and remakes, I canít really think of many movies that had the same feeling as these. Theyíre kind of ďmust seeĒ movies that arenít really a part of just being well-written, having interesting ideas, with neat effects, etc. I mean, if you havenít seen Alien, thatís a movie you HAVE to see. Itís not just a great movie; it puts you in a... mood. Itís a movie with its own universe and feel, the kind of thing you want to see expanded and find out what else is going on in that world. Thatís really the backbone of why people want to see movies like Alien vs Predator or Robocop vs Terminator. The properties are so strong on their own that to see them collide has the potential to be amazing (if ever done right). Often, the basic premise for the movies isnít that hot, I mean out the ones I mentioned, you have: monster (alien) hunts people, a robotic police officer, monster (robots) hunt people, and people hunt ghosts. None of those ideas are all that original or amazing, but when you see them in action, they become so much more. This isnít a rant against special effects or popcorn summer movies, I just want more things with that ďmoodĒ. Something you can watch decades after it was made and still get tense and creeped out over or something that just gets you intrinsically pumped about. Part of the reason for these seriesí downfall is what made them so great in the first place. They exist in universes so grand and the original movies only gave you a sliver of what can exist in that world, that itís so easy to pump out sequels and spin-offs for money that you kill the original feel. Iím not entirely against seeing other slivers (I love the cheesy Ghostbusters cartoon as much as the next geek), but modern movies just have a different soulless feel when trying to make giant worlds, like you can feel the pressure to mine that potential (see: anything to do with Chronicles of Riddick). So to wrap this all up, seriously, what was the deal with that alien skeleton the Nostromoís crew found at the beginning of Alien? That one prop has so much to say.
Oh, and Transmorphers is possibly one of the most hilariously awful movies Iíve ever seen.