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ST31- Better Than A Cold Shower

Atta’ boy, Stu! Resist those wicked urges. Turn to knowledge. Foul temptresses of the dark and are no match for dusty tomes. Unless she has that sexy librarian look going on... Then it’s like both of those things combined and there’s just no hope for you if it comes to that.
The title was just begging for a “sin” insertion into “abstinence” but it just sounds too forced. Then again, when has that stopped me before? Absinence? Abstisince?

A new DDG is up as well. Click that darkly colored tab to see Zip in his own evil temptress mode.

Quick Reviews: Armored Core For Answer- Just right off the bat, this is not the kind of game I like, so if you’re a fan of the series or if you really like highly technical games, you’d probably be best to just completely disregard what I’ll say. For people that want to have fun piloting their giant mechs o’ doom, you’re in for having that joyful robo-spirit crushed. As far as robot simulators go, AC does a decent job, that means you’re slow, it’s effing hard to just turn and maneuver yourself, you run out of ammo incredibly quickly, you have to balance your items and make sure you’re not too heavy, there are 8000 different parts to tweak, and you can never just buy an upgrade or better weapon and go out and have fun with it. Just the insane number of things to balance and tweak immediately drained my interest. I want to get into a game and go play it, not micromanage it. Even if you can overcome that, the camera and controls are pretty lousy. Since it’s so hard to just turn, you’re constantly getting railed on by something standing two inches to your side or the huge laser cannon firing at you will go off camera and you can’t quickly react to it. The jumping/flying is really messed up because most of the time I just wanted to jump but instead kept rising towards the top of the screen and ramming into things and sometimes just walking forward, I’d find myself flying without having pressed the button. Less realism, more super fighting robots for me.
Sins Committed: Micromanaging, Bad camera, Bad controls

Lollilove- In all honesty, the only reason I rented this movie was because I read somewhere that it was made by the woman that plays Pam on The Office (Jenna Fischer) and that piqued my curiosity. It’s amusing for a bit because it’s shot in the same mockumentary style as The Office, but the whole thing really just feels like an SNL skit that they decided to draw out into a full length movie. It’s about a rich couple that in order to promote themselves set up a charity that gives lollipops to homeless people. That’s pretty much the whole movie. There are bits here and there that add to the characters but they really just have a feeling of being wacky ideas they threw out while writing in order to pad the length. It’s by no means a bad movie, just one you’ll watch, say “that was kind of funny”, and then not really think of again.