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Posted by Pip

ST36- I Would Buy Three

Quite possibly the biggest cliffhanger Sins could present you with at the end of an arc... Just where ARE those hats? I mean, if they were old hats, sure, but these are clearly stated to be new hats.
Those two weirdoes deserve each other. Stu, a well meaning but slightly ditzy pirate, teaming up with a klutzy waitress-come-astronomer that bizarrely thinks Sloth is ugly. The fool! She deserves to be shipped out to the cruel seas for her impudence. But at least she’s on the ball enough to clue onto Gluttony’s not-normalness. I mean, she has purpley-red hair. Freak.

Since we’re leaving Stu happy, unmaimed, and having played his role as Chastity’s pawn of some kind, a new arc starts on Friday. With guests! The good kind, not the kind that use your decorative soaps.