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Posted by Pip

VOD3- The Necromancer Guild Is On The Take

Dangly sideburns seem to be a trade necessity. You canít raise the undead without some fancy locks! Either that or everybodyís ripping off the real number one necromancer in town, Murdoch. Heís older than these new punks and theyíre stealing his style. Punch him in the throat and run, Murd! Heís a newbromancer. Necr00bmancer. Nescrubromancer. Ah, itís in there somewhere.

And our last magical cameo, one who is no stranger to hanging out with the undead, is Kavonn from Charby The Vampirate! Complete with interdimensional Jackalope!

This week was reader FoxKnightís birthday ushering him into the age of voting, smoking, and the general debauchery and evil of the somewhat adult world. Congrats, good sir!

A happy semi-belated Diwali to all our Indian Slapeggs out there! And those of you in religions/belief systems that have also jumped upon it.

I cooouuuld be playing LittleBigPlanet right now but Iím not. Booo. I preordered it a long time ago and had the release date shipping on it from Amazon, but despite many peoples of the Internet getting their shipping notices yesterday, I did not. Still nothing this morning so I went to check their site and they now listed the game as being out of stock for the next two to three weeks. My inner geek mortally wounded, I jotted off a note politely asking what gives. Tonight I got my shipping notice and an apology letter saying they had a mix up and due to the delay they were fully refunding my shipping costs. Kudos to you, Amazon! Quite possibly one of the only companies around that understands customer satisfaction. So, I shall hopefully be LBPing it up until my eyes bleed tomorrow and then Sins content shall spring from there!