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Posted by Pip

VOD4- Murdier Most Foul

I was really debating a Law and Order reference in the title there. Special Victims Unit/ Sins Venials Unit. So close but it just didnít seem right.
But just in time for Halloween we have a touch of horror! Now Sins shall take its dark route and plunge into R-rated gruesomeness. Next stop, gratuitous cursing and nudity!

And itís the end of the month so we have a new wallpaper. Send in art, writing, creativity, LBP levels, or money to bask in its glory. And actually speaking of that gratuitous nudity... Well, itís more PG nudity.

And of course it is Halloween and our first one with our pumpkin-headed buddy! Samhain was one of the best Ghostbuster baddies and you know it.

Posted by Pip


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