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Posted by Pip

VOD5- Murdrock The Vote

You can judge somebody by the company they keep, but I’m not really sure what that says about Murdoch. Deep down inside he wants to have a detachable head? He wishes to lick people with tentacles? How clean ARE those things anyway? Murdie is going to wake up tomorrow with a few hundred new bizarre diseases and parasites.

Do any Slapeggs out there have LittleBigPlanet yet? I’m just about done with my first Sins-based level and I’d be appreciative if anybody wanted to give it a playtest or two before I finalized and published it. Make a post on the forum or send me an IM/email if you’re up for it. Thanks!

And with October’s end we have the search engine searches leading to Sins that amuse me the most. I have to say “arbor day slasher movie” intrigued me (is it people slashing trees or trees slashing people?). “dun dun sound effect” is fine as well if only because it supports my belief that people should carry around little players that make rim shots, laugh tracks, and dramatic sounds to aid in boring conversations. But the winner is “lego batman extra toggle” because it totally backs me up that nobody knew what it did because it doesn’t make any sense and it isn’t described. Argh!

Well, tomorrow puts an end to the godawful campaigning. I’m not going to be one of those people that tell you how to vote, but I will join in the campaigns telling you to get off your lazy butt and go to the polls. Even Sloth would do it! He’d totally even encourage a non-voter to get out and go. You don’t want to be lazier than Sloth, do you?